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Stop bulling, amplify loving


Bulling in school is a very serious issue today. The term bullying means that making someone disappointed or to depressed someone mentally.

There are different states of bulling like -

•           Cyber bullying

•           Rumours

•           Gossiping

•           Harassment

•           Insult

•           Name-calling

•           Lies

•           Mean words

•           Teasing

•           Threat


Stop-bullying-Trapa-ChoudhuryChildren who are bullied might experience depression and anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and loss of interest in activities that they enjoyed before. In extreme condition, they avoid to go to school.

Parents should teach their children not to bully others because it is wrong and hurt someone’s feelings.Sometimes it depends on the parents how their child would be or sometimes it depends on the culture on which the children are living.  Some parents tell their children not to bully others but some support their children when they do it. Some children understand but some don’t. The culture of the surrounding really effects on the mentality of the children.  Children who bully others cannot be defeated in a normal way. Defeating doesn’t bring hurting or harming somewhere by beating them or scrolling them.

Sometime, we want to complain to the teachers but if we complainthey get angrier when they get punishment or scrolled by the teachers. Children with this type of mentality must be having quick counselling before this gets to extreme mentality.

To overcome the situation of being bullied by others, we must do meditation. Meditation keeps us happy and stress-free. Again, if someone bullies, it’s not mean that we cannot help that person. Everyone has a bad heart as well as a good heart. So a person who bullies others can also be a kind hearted person. We all should improve our leading power and strengthen up our mental power. Meditation helps in increasing patience and leading power.


•           Student (Class-V), St. Paul’s School, Tripura and Child Peace Ambassador, GPLT, London.

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