Agar sector in Tripura: Prospective investors visit Agar plantations, meet growers

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Agartala, Nov 25, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

A delegation of prospective investors visited the Agar plantations and agar traders at Kadamtala in North Tripura on Friday (Nov 25). The delegation comprising national and international entrepreneurs went to Kadamtala to have a ground level idea about the Agar Sector in Tripura.


Their visit came up following the end of the two-day buyers-sellers meet in Agartala on November 24.  


Agar-sector-Tripura-growersAs the Agar sector in the State has tremendous potentiality to flourish in domestic and international markets, the Tripura Government has taken several initiatives to introduce the Agar sector to the entrepreneurs.   


With the sustained efforts of the concerned department, the agar traders of Kadamtala are getting opportunities to present their products before prospective national and international buyers.


Already two buyers-sellers meeting was held in the State paving way for the Agar traders to showcase their products before the prospective investors.  


After the 2nd two-day long buyers-sellers meeting on Agar products in Agartala, delegates of the national and international entrepreneurs went to meet Agar growers at Kadamtala today.  Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Praveen Agarwal and Marketing Chain Officer Rajesh Saha accompanied the entrepreneurs during the Kadamtala visit.


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National and international entrepreneurs talked to local agar traders to have ground-level experience relating to agar chips, oil and agarwood. The delegates also inspected the Agar plantations in Kadamtala. 


Realizing the importance of the Agar sector in economic development, the Tripura Government came up with a comprehensive Tripura Agar Policy 2021 last year.


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Meantime, several delegates visited Kadamtala and interacted with the Agar traders of Tripura and gradually the Agar sector of the State has started grabbing attention at domestic and international levels. A delegation a Laos based company arrived in Tripura to get an idea about the potentiality of Agar-sector.


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With the kind of responses that the Agar sector of Tripura is getting, the sector is poised to play a crucial role in contributing to the State economy in a big way.


The Government is also planning to set up an Agar Trade Centre to facilitate selling Agar products – once the Centre is ready, Agar traders are expected to receive a major boost.