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Kejriwal's First Night in Jail: Restlessness, Home-Cooked Meals

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is lodged in Tihar Jail no-2, spent his first night restless in the cell, sources said on Tuesday.

Jail No. 2 is under constant heavy guard by security personnel, with Quick Response Teams (QRT) ready to intervene if necessary and 650 CCTV cameras are installed to keep a watch on prisoners.

Sources said that Kejriwal spent some time resting on a cement platform and was observed walking in his cell late at night.

“Kejriwal was served home-cooked food for lunch. He is permitted to have home-cooked meals for both lunch and dinner, which will be provided daily until his blood sugar levels normalise, which were at 50 in the morning,” said the source.

Kejriwal is also permitted to meet Delhi government officials regarding the work as per names approved and submitted to the court.

In Jail no 2, there are around 650 inmates, of which nearly 600 have been convicted.

Kejriwal can also meet family members twice a week, but their names must be on a list that is cleared by prison security, while regular health check-ups will be provided for Kejriwal, who has diabetes.

Kejriwal has access to television, with 18 to 20 channels available for news, entertainment, and sports viewing, except during scheduled prison activities.

Sources said that Kejriwal’s wife is likely to meet him on Tuesday.

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