Tripura: Areca nut growers call indefinite strike in Jampui, dawn-to-dusk strike in parts of North District

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Agartala, Nov 26, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Jampui Farmers Union (JAMFU) will launch an indefinite strike in Jampui hill with effect from Monday (Nov 28).


Moreover, Tripura Arecanut Growers Union called strike tomorrow from 06:0O am to O6:0O pm at various locations of Kanchanpur and Panisagar Sub Divisions under North Tripura District in regard to solve the problems in selling and transporting green areca nuts to Assam from Tripura.


The Unions have called the strike to highlight the plight of the areca nut growers due to the non-transportation of their products into Assam.


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The areca nut produced in Mizoram and Tripura including Jampui Hills used to be transported to the brokers in Assam where it was processed or sold to higher dealers or companies each year for the last 15-20 years. However, this year, the concerned authority in Assam is denying the entry of the areca nut-carrying vehicles even with the place of origin certificate issued by the Department of Horticulture.


In view of this, areca nut growers in Tripura and Mizoram are facing a bleak future.


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In an attempt to press the government of Tripura for an early solution to the problems of the areca nut growers in Jampui Hills, the JAMFU will hold an indefinite strike, said secretary of the Union, Lalnundika.


On earlier occasion community leader and a physician of Jampui Hills, Dr Zairemthiama Pachuau wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s office and highlighted the cause and effects of the present situation of the areca nut growers of Tripura and Mizoram.


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According to Dr Pachuau, “Due to influx of smuggled areca nut from the far East - Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar etc - into North East India since the recent past, the local areca nut farmers and traders find it very difficult to sell and transport their areca nut produce, the cash crop which was once considered a green gold by the farmers has now started becoming produce of no value and is in grave danger of being dumped as wastes.


The public perception is that this unfortunate situation arises as a result of inaction, disinterest, and lack of commitment and of concern of the three governments of Tripura, Mizoram and Assam, the former two states produce the crop and host the farmers, and the state of Assam contributes the traders dealing with the crop.


At this very moment, the areca nut farmers are starving and also spend sleepless nights with worry about where from help to solve their crisis can come.


In his letter, he urged the intervention of the Prime Minister and his office to solve the present crisis.