Tripura News: Tribal Welfare Minister faces public anger for drinking water crisis

Agartala, Jul 28, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Forest and Tribal Welfare Minister of Tripura Mever Kumar Jamatia faced public anger over the water crisis at his ancestral place on Wednesday.


Mever Kumar Jamatia went out to oversee the vaccination drive and faced a road blockade at Twithampui under Mungiyakami. The villagers staged a road blockade agitation in support of their long-standing demand for a permanent solution to their water crisis problem.


“We, the indigenous people, are dependent on rivulet and water supplied through tanks for drinking. For a long time, we were demanding a permanent source for potable water”, agitating villagers said.


As the administration allegedly played an apathetic role, villagers of Twithami blocked the Twithampi-Hajra road today. Meanwhile, Mever Kumar Jamatia was traveling towards Hajra and his vehicle was stopped at the place of agitation due to a road blockade.


According to local sources, “Jamatia was moving to Hajra to inspect the ongoing mass Covid Vaccination drive. However, on his way to Hajra, Jamatia’s convoy faced the agitation – incidentally, Twithampi is the birthplace of Jamatia and he spent his childhood in this hamlet”.


After seeing the Minister and administrative officials, villagers started venting their anger and demanded Minister’s intervention to end their water woes.


Villagers said, a decision was taken to create and set up a permanent water source for the villagers and accordingly, local administration started the works. However, the works stopped after one of the leaders intervened, villagers alleged.


The Forest and Tribal Welfare Minister listened to the demand of the people and assured that works for setting up the water source would start soon.


After obtaining the assurance, people withdrew the blockade.