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Bangla Sanskriti Balay Calls for Focus on traditional culture in Sharadotsav: No more DJ, please

The Bangla Sanskriti Balay (BSB), an organization promoting traditional cultural heritage, has urged the Information and Cultural Affairs (ICA) Department under the Government of Tripura to prioritize Bengali and local tribal culture during the upcoming Sharadotsav.

Traditionally, the ICA organizes competitions among clubs in Agartala during the festival, focusing on aspects like pandal decoration, idol creation, and environmental awareness. However, the Bangla Sanskriti Balay (BSB) seeks a shift in focus for the upcoming celebrations.

"While we appreciate the ICA's existing initiatives," said Nirmal Kumar Dey, president of the Bangla Sanskriti Balay (BSB)'s Agartala unit, "we believe this year's Sharadotsav should prioritize the rich tapestry of Bengali and tribal traditions."

The BSB submitted a memorandum to ICA Director Bimbishar Bhattacharya outlining their proposals. Their primary concern is the growing influence of DJ culture in clubs and social events during the festival. They argue that it clashes with the essence of Sharadotsav and disrupts the traditional celebratory atmosphere.

Bangla-sanskriti-balay-TripuraThe BSB proposes replacing the focus on DJ culture with competitions centered around local and national cultural expressions. This could include traditional songs, dances, dramas, recitations, paintings, and sculptures. They also suggest promoting Bengali and tribal art forms through souvenir creation and exhibitions.

"We believe celebrating these aspects will not only strengthen our cultural identity but also make the festival more enriching for everyone," Dey added.

The BSB also requested the ICA to provide clearer guidelines and earlier communication regarding competition criteria to participating clubs and organizations. This would allow them ample time to prepare entries aligned with the proposed focus on traditional art forms.

The ICA Director received the memorandum positively. He assured the BSB delegation that the department would take necessary steps as per government decisions.

The BSB plans to submit similar memorandums to the Agartala Municipal Corporation, State Police, and Women's Commission. They also aim to influence non-governmental organizations holding events during Sharadotsav to prioritize traditional cultural expressions.

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