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Tripura : One woman seriously injured in wild Bison attack

One woman was attacked by a wild bison in South Tripura and was rushed to the GB Hospital on Monday in critical condition. Forest Minister of Tripura, Animesh Debbarma visited the hospital to enquire about condition of the woman. 

PCCF Dr. Avinash M. Kanfade also visited her and assured all help from the government. Attending doctors said, they would go for surgery when her condition would be stable.

The wild bison strayed away from the Trishna wildlife sanctuary, and for the last few days had been visiting agricultural fields and moving menacingly near human habitations triggering panic among the villagers.

Usually the bovines from the famous sanctuary do not attack humans though time and again they would get strayed away and come close to villages. But this time the Gobo became violent and attacked the woman.  Many point out that gradual and steady decrease of forests and illegal encroachments often lead to such man –animal conflicts.

On Monday, the wild bison was spotted at the Kanthalia block under the Sepahijala District and triggered panic among the villagers.

Alarmed at the unexpected visits of the wild animal, a team of forest and wildlife protection personnel was deployed in the areas under Jatrapur, Melagarh and Sonamura police station to get wayward Bison back to Trishna sanctuary, said police officer of Jatrapur police station Subrata Debnath on Monday.

He said that immediate measures including public announcements were made to assure the villagers and tell them not to panic. Besides, all out efforts were also being made to take back the Bison safely to the Trishna sanctuary.

It has been 4-5 days that the Bison had been moving across the several areas under Kathalia Block and it was spotted near human habitation on Monday, following which villagers became tense and started chasing it. The police officer said, the villagers were asked to stop chasing the Bison and sought cooperation from the villagers to move back the Bison safely to its place.

After visiting the injured Sridevi Noatia, While the Forest Minister told the media persons that state government had formulated an effective masterplan to reduce the man animal conflicts –most often with the wild elephants. He did not divulge more as the MCC was in force.

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