Govt sympathetic to 10323 teachers but jobs only through interview on easy syllabus: Edu Minister

Agartala, Jan 10, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath on Sunday once again made it clear that due to the Apex Court order, any kind of special treatment would not be possible for retrenched teachers except age relaxation. To get a job, these teachers would have to face interview.


Nath said the State Government is sympathetic towards the 10323 teachers. In this context, the Minister made it clear that interviews would be held on an easy syllabus and most of the teachers would come out successful. He assured that the Government had also made plans for those who would not be successful in the interview.


Nath adviced the 10,323 teachers to prepare for the interview said that the Supreme Court had rejected state government’s proposal of giving any kind of special treatment for the 10,323 retrenched teachers apart from age relaxation. 


“Statements of Manik babu (Sarkar) and Badal Babu (Chowdhury) (both former ministers of the Left government) cannot change the reality. If they (10,323 teachers) can show one piece of paper from the Court, we will give them jobs. When the state government moved the Supreme Court with an affidavit seeking jobs for them without interview, the Court rejected the proposal and categorically said that apart from age relaxation no special privileges can be offered to the retrenched teachers”, Nath said.  


He further said, “The state government has already cleared its stance on the matter. The Chief Minister has requested them to participate in the interview and prepare for the exams. Now if they want to continue their protests, I have no right to stop them because this is their democratic right.


Reiterating the statement of Chief Minister, I as a member of the state council of Minister am once again appealing them to come and participate in the interview otherwise someone else will get the job”. 


Explain the pattern of question and state governments limitations, he said, “all of them have enough experience and I am sure most of them will pass the exams in flying colours since the syllabus has been also simplified as per the common recruitment rules. In the entire country, you will find no instances where the jobs are given without any interview. This is impossible to send offer letters to the place of their agitation and it is also not permissible under law as the Supreme Court has denied any special treatment for them”. 

Nath also smelt hidden political motives playing up to misguide the teachers towards this indefinite strike which would end up bringing no fruitful results for the teachers if they refuse to sit for the interviews.