Time not to panic but to be safe: New Covid variants found in Tripura

Agartala, Apr 29, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Double Mutant Indian variant of coronavirus, that is rattling Maharastra, has sneaked into Tripura and one person had already succumbed to complications triggered by this virus in the State.

Adding further woes, two more varieties – UK variant and South African variant covid virus have also been detected in the State. Senior Virology professor Dr Tapan Majumder said this in Agartala on Thursday. Still a great relief is that the killer strain – the Brazilian variant has not been found in the State, so far.  

Meanwhile, Number of total Covid positive cases in Tripura breached the 1000 mark after 166 fresh cases were detected in last 24 hours. Total cases stand at 1020 on Thursday.

 According to Dr Majumder, a total of 19 samples were sent to the National Institute of Biomedical Genomic, Kalyani for genome sequencing. Out of this, Double Mutant Indian Variant were found in 11 samples. Besides, UK variant was found in five samples while that of South African variant was found in 1 sample.  

Talking about the three types variants found in Tripura, Dr Majumder pointed out that around 70 per cent patients in Maharastra were found infected with the Double Mutant Indian Variant. He also said UK Variant is mainly found in Delhi while the South African variant was found in several other States.

Shedding lights on biological characteristics of these strains, Dr Majumder said, these are more infectious compared to previous virus and can easily transit from one person to another. In terms of fatality, these strains more powerful than the previous strain.

In this connection, he also said that the killer Brazilian Variant had not been found as yet.

Dr Majumder emphasized adherence to Covid appropriate behavior and aggressive vaccination to overcome the challenge. He urged people to strictly follow the Covid protocols and get vaccinated. He also pointed out that panic is not the solution. Staying safe by following Covid protocols, using triple layered masks and getting vaccinated are the options we need to follow without being panicked.