Tripura News: Covid 2.0 death highest in May, experts focus on possible reasons

Agartala, Jun 05, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk


“High infective dose of the coronavirus, late diagnosis and immunity deficiency are some of the most common causes so far we found from the analysis”


The second wave of Corona virus, like other parts of the country, ravaged Tripura with mounting death toll since January last and importantly, apart from the elderly vulnerable group, people of younger group are falling victim of Covid 2.0. Number of Covid death with co-morbidities is higher than the deaths without co-morbidity by 12.


After a more than five-month battle against the Covid 2.0 and careful observations, doctors have come up possible common reasons behind the deaths and infection. However, according to Official sources, things have started improving.


Notably, unlike other States, Tripura did not witness mad rush and chaos for O2 as the State Government made elaborate arrangements for adequate O2 supply across the State.


However, in view of emerging situation in Tripura, the State Surveillance Officer Dr. Deep Kumar Debbarma said, Tripura saw 154 deaths during the second wave of coronavirus till June 03. The figure included 105 males and 49 females including one child. Among them, 9 people were fully vaccinated.


He said, the highest 121 deaths were recorded in the month of May followed by six in January, one in March, six in April and 20 in June. There was no death in February.


Dr Debbarma also focused on the situation-analysis and he said, “Every death is unfortunate. We audited every death to find out the cause so that we can overcome it in future. High infective dose of the coronavirus, late diagnosis and immunity deficiency are some of the most common causes so far we found from the analysis”.


Expressing hope, he said that the trend shows that there would be a positive development in the overall Corona situation of the state in the next 15 days.


In a press conference at NHM’s conference hall, the official on Friday gave a powerpoint presentation on the overall corona scenario of Tripura that showed the death tally included 83 Corona-infected patients with comorbidities and 71 patients without comorbidities.


“West Tripura district has registered the highest 96 deaths followed by Sepahijala (20), Unakoti (14), Khowai (6), Gomati (6), South Tripura (3), Dhalai (7) and North Tripura (2). Among them, 142 patients died in Covid Centres while the remaining twelve persons succumbed to Corona infection in home isolation,” Dr. Debbarma said.


According to the official data, while Tripura had registered only two deaths below 20 years of age, the death rate was comparatively high in 20-40 age groups. There were 7 deaths in 20-30 age groups including 2 women and 19 deaths in the 30-40 age groups including six females while more 47 people were attacked and killed by the coronavirus in 40-60 age groups including 16 women. Initially the death rate among the aged persons was high and 79 people had died in 60-80 and above 80 age groups, the report said.


Giving more details, the official said that as many as 20,604 persons were so far infected by the coronavirus during the second wave while the recovery rate stood 68.80 percent. As on June 03, there were 6,340 active cases in the state. Experts opined that medical infrastructure in the State has improved considerably.


Dr. Sanjiv Debbarma, Medical Superintendent of AGMC and GBP hospital, Dr. Shyamal Roy, HOD of Medicine, Dr. Tapan Majumder, HOD of Microbiology, and Dr. Shankar Chakraborty, in-charge of Dedicated Covid Care Hospital and Deputy MS of AGMC and GBP Hospital were present in the press conference.