1 Are you an overthinker? Here's how you can control itWe all have spent our time wondering about something, followed our train of thought and felt amazed at their impermanence and fleeting nature of it. + Read More
2 Prospects of Onion Cultivation in TripuraOnions (Allium cepa L.) have an extensive culinary, dietary, therapeutic, trading, income and employment generation value. + Read More
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4 How must we not teach our childrenWe erred once; we erred twice; let’s not make a hattrick out of how we are managing the teaching-learning practices under the gradually reducing pandemic fear. + Read More
5 Vulture Conservation in TripuraThe scavengers play a critical role in the stability of the ecosystem and food webs, thereby maintaining ecological balance in nature. + Read More
6 Union Budget FY 23: Eye on Job and income supporting measures, fiscal consolidationThe upcoming Union Budget will be tracked for announcements in self-liquidating temporary personal job/income supporting measures to boost private consumption in the immediate future. + Read More
7 Higher standard deduction for salaried may be part of tinkeringThe Union Budget 2022 may include a higher standard deduction for salaried taxpayers and tax incentives related to affordable housing. + Read More
8 Budget FY23: Reduce central excise on ATF to 5%, says IndiGoAirline major IndiGo on Wednesday urged the Centre to reduce central excise on jet fuel to 5 per cent from 11 per cent in the Union Budget FY23, to be tabled in the Parliament on February 1. + Read More
9 Phantom Warriors of 1971: Unsung Tibetan GuerrillasFIFTY YEARS ago in 1971 on a cool and scary November 14 night in a hilly region of Chittagong a Pakistani sniper of Special Service Group perched silently on his hidden location near his camp felt he + Read More
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