1 India's ODI WC dream: A soaring journey through topsy-turvy tournamentThe World Cup’23 has been quite a topsy-turvy tournament. However, the one team soaring high with consistent and confident performances has been India. The Indian team seems settled, with every player + Read More
2 Gandhian thought on Gram SwarajGandhian thought on Gram Swaraj, or Village Self-Governance, was a central concept in Mahatma Gandhi's vision for India's socio-political and economic development. + Read More
3 An obituary : WHEN THE SISTER LEAVESShe made a difference for many. She changed the lifestyle of thousands and gave them hope and happiness. A quintessential 'Sister'. + Read More
4 G20 reaches consensus on gender equality, women empowerment worldwideThe G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration of 2023 is one such landmark, with the historic commitment towards gender equality and empowerment of women and girls worldwide. + Read More
5 India elevated G20 as 'premier forum' for economic coopIndia that is Bharat’s one in 20 years presidency under PM Modi’s stewardship will be considered historic and leave an indelible mark that even the cynics within Bharat and abroad would find difficult + Read More
6 Human-Centric Globalisation: Taking G20 to the Last Mile, Leaving None Behind‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – these two words capture a deep philosophy. It means ‘the world is one family’. + Read More
7 Indian Traditional Medicine Systems in G20 : Reassuring Evidence and EquityToday the world recognizes India as a treasure trove of a continuum of traditional knowledge in the field of affordable and evidence-based healthcare facilities + Read More
8 Forest Fires: Curating a Response through India's G20 PresidencyForest fires have become more widespread and intense over the past few decades, causing significant damage to critical global carbon sink regions like Canada's boreal forests and Brazil's Amazonian ra + Read More
9 IMPACT OF INDIA'S G20 PRESIDENCY ON TOURISM IN MIZORAMIn an era where sustainability and responsible tourism have become paramount, India's ascent to the presidency of the G20 marks a pivotal moment for the nation's tourism industry. + Read More
10 PM's Grand Vision – India's Golden AgeFrom the ramparts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has articulated his grand vision of a long-lasting golden era of progress and prosperity for India + Read More