1 Maniram Dewan: Assam's first tea planter, freedom fighter, martyrManiram Dutta Barua, commonly known as Maniram Dewan, was one of the first Assamese to establish Tea Industry in Assam + Read More
2 A martyrdom saga that lives on ballads, continues to inspire KannadigasSangolli Rayanna's martyrdom stories continue to inspire crores of Kannadigas with every child given examples of his bravery against the British. + Read More
3 Lala Har Dayal and revolution's war cry from AmericaA polymath revolutionary, Lala Har Dayal, dreamt of independent India with his eyes open. + Read More
4 40 years before freedom, Bhikaiji Cama hoisted the first Indian flag in StuttgartLegendary freedom-fighter Bhikaiji Patel-Cama first hoisting the Indian flag in Germany + Read More
5 Banaras Talkies, one of India's greatest coming-of-age novelsBanaras Talkies is one of India's greatest coming-of-age novels + Read More
6 Rath Yatra and Mela: A Bengali poemমাটির রবি ,সিংহ,টিয়া, ছেলেটা প্যান্ট ধরে, হুঁকো মুখো বুড়োর ঘাড় বড্ড নড়বড়ে ! + Read More
7 CPM support to Congress: Suicide, a permanent solution to a temporary problemSomeone so aptly said : Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem + Read More
8 Green or Black tea - which is better for summer?Most of us enjoy sipping a cup of tea after meals or after waking up in the morning, not only for the health benefits but also as a daily way to relax. + Read More
9 World Earth Day: Experts root for community involvement for 'Invest In Our Planet'Theme for this year is 'Invest In Our Planet’. Building on the Earth Day theme, speakers urged that people and communities need to act boldly and implement equitably mainly through bottom-up approache + Read More
10 Enhancing the goodness of food and commitment to nutritional valueOn World Health Day, McDonald's India West and South - owned and operated by Westlife Development Ltd - reaffirmed its commitment to improving the nutritional value of the food served at its restauran + Read More