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Tripura CM Emphasizes Role of Intellectuals in Shaping Society, highlights people's faith in Modi

Chief Minister of Tripura Dr. Manik Saha underscored the significance of intellectuals in society and criticized the CPIM and Congress for governing the state by restraining people and creating trouble. During an interaction on Tuesday with notable figures from the Kalyanpur-Pramodnagar Mandal, Khowai district, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Dr. Saha highlighted the influential role intellectuals play in shaping society.

“We have seen the condition of Tripura in the early '70s. A fear of psychosis prevailed in Tripura. We witnessed politics of violence, lack of work for people, and so on. The condition of Tripura was pathetic. But after the BJP formed the government, the scenario changed. Before 2014, except for the regime of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, we observed the same condition. CPIM and Congress always ruled by suppressing the people and creating problems. They never worked for the common people. We emerged from such an environment in 2018. Now there are no divisions among Jati and Janajati. We have a guardian like PM Modi who is working for the overall development, socio-economic development of the country,” said Dr. Saha.
Dr. Saha also mentioned that people in Tripura have now moved away from atheism, which was promoted by the CPIM.
“The faith in PM Modi among the people has increased significantly. PM Modi has launched Vikshi Bharat Sankalp Yatar, and we have also launched Proti Ghore Sushasan so that no one is deprived of government benefits or schemes. The opposition has lost its ground. We have seen how CPIM ruled states using Congress. Where CPIM ruled, they only created unrest. The same thing happened in Kerala, West Bengal, and Tripura as well. In the 2023 Assembly election, not a single violent incident occurred. Our government is working for the overall development of people,” he added.
During the program, BJP candidate Kriti Singh Debbarma, Minister Tinku Roy, Animesh Debbarma, and BJP State Secretary Devid Debbarma were present.

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