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Concerns Rise Over poor CBSE Results at Vidyajyoti Project Schools in Tripura

The performance of students in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations from the Vidyajyoti project schools in Tripura has raised concerns this year, with results falling short of expectations.

Parents and educationists from the Kumarghat subdivision of Unakoti district in Tripura have voiced their disappointment over the academic outcomes of three local schools under the Vidyajyoti Project - Dhan Singh Chowdhury Memorial, Kumarghat English Medium School, and Pabiachhara 12th School.

Many believe that the underwhelming performance in the first year itself is indicative of inherent structural issues within the Vidyajyoti project schools’ education system.

Subrata Pal, the headmaster of Pabiachhara 12th School, when approached for comments, did not explicitly express dissatisfaction. However, his statements painted a clear picture of the school authorities’ discontent with the examination results. He revealed that the pass percentage for the CBSE secondary examination from Pabiachhara School this year stood at 68.42%, while the higher secondary examination recorded a pass percentage of 59.7%.

Pal also shared that initiatives for teacher training have been kick started to improve future results. His statements subtly hinted at the fact that the results have not met the expectations. He further highlighted the school’s struggle with a shortage of teachers, particularly subject teachers, which could be a contributing factor to the less than satisfactory performance.

The state’s schools are already grappling with allegations of poor infrastructure and shortage of teachers especially subject teachers. Despite these challenges, the government has incorporated the schools into the Vidyajyoti project, showcasing it as an achievement. However, critics argue that this move overlooks critical issues such as teacher shortages and infrastructural deficiencies.

Parents fear that it is ultimately the students who bear the brunt of these shortcomings. The situation calls for immediate attention and action to ensure that the students of these schools receive the quality education they deserve.

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